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Rumor: Saints Row 4 may launch as soon as August


On the heels of Rockstar’s delay of Grand Theft Auto 5 to September, publisher Deep Silver is rumoring to be eyeing an August release for Saints Row 4 for the current generation of consoles. Deep Silver acquired the Saints Row franchise after the THQ fallout that took place less than three weeks ago.

Though Deep Silver has yet to publically confirm any announcement, Chris Stockman, design director on the original Saints Row, tweeted to IGN that “the word around the campfire is SR4 is shipping on current gen consoles in late August." In response to Stockman’s tweet, IGN inquired with Deep Silver who simply stated, “[we’re] still working on [timing] with Volition," and that it hasn't "announced platforms yet."

An August launch, though interesting as it would lie only a few months before the next-generation of consoles (most likely), and only one month prior to perhaps 2013’s most anticipated title, Grand Theft Auto 5. However, Koch Media’s CEO Klemens Kundratitz said there's "no doubt" the next Saints Row will release in 2013. As you may recall, Koch Media was the actual buyer of the Volition studio/Saints Row franchise.

Do you believe that we will, in fact, be playing Saints Row 4 this August? If so, do you believe the series will stick to its formula of over-the-top action that gels beautifully with sandbox-styled gameplay? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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