Rumor: Ryse to feature multiplayer component

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Since its brief showing at E3 2011, we haven’t heard much from Cryteck’s upcoming title, Ryse. Today, though, some watchful eyes picked out a resume detail from one of the programmers at Ruffian Games, developer of Ryse.

According to the resume, Ruffian was contracted to prepare "a multiplayer map for a first person, melee combat game based on the CryEngine," adding a separate note that the developer had worked on a game with "extensive use of the Xbox Live server platform and Kinect.” Most will remember that E3 2011 was a massive blowout for Kinect, and one of the game’s expected to get the “better with Kinect” treatment was Ryse, so the description makes total sense.

We’ve yet to see the “killer app” for Microsoft’s motion peripheral, but the folks over at Cryteck certainly know a thing or two about making killer games, especially with their CryEngine setup. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with any details pertaining to Ryse, and notably this aspect of the game.

Source: [OXM]

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