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Rumor: Rockstar Games' L.A. Noire may come to Nintendo Switch; Red Dead Redemption 2 probably won't


Rumor: Rockstar Games' L.A. Noire may come to Nintendo Switch

Rockstar Games has some of the most popular games in history. Grand Theft Auto has sold hundreds of millions of copies, Red Dead Redemption is picking up steam as a popular new open-world series, and they have a number of other IPs they rotate in and out. In 2011, they published a 1940's crime drama called L.A. Noire where you play as a cop working up the ranks. It didn't have the sales of a GTA title but it got pretty decent reviews! The team that developed the game closed down shortly after the game released, but Rockstar owns the IP to the series.

It's unclear if Rockstar plans to move forward with the series with a sequel or spin-off, but we may be getting a remaster or port on Nintendo's console/portable hybrid, the Nintendo Switch. According to Twitter user Yan2295, we may be getting a remaster of the detective game set in the golden age of Los Angeles. Yan2295 didn't give too many details, but (s)he has a pretty good track record with leaking GTA DLC and other Rockstar related content months before being announced!

This does contradict a rumor that Rockstar "doesn't trust" Nintendo. In December, notorious Nintendo leaker Laura Kate Dale (who also has a decent track record) noted that Red Dead Redemption 2 probably won't come to the platform because Rockstar is weary of Nintendo. It could be due to Nintendo's misstep with the Wii U or they could have a bad relationship. Rockstar Games hasn't released a game on a Nintendo platform since Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars in March 2009, so that could be a sign.

Rockstar Games isn't the only one slightly weary of Nintendo. Gearbox was in discussions with Nintendo about bringing Borderlands to the Switch but they noted that Nintendo had "other priorities".

Nintendo Switch releases March 3rd, 2017 and will cost $299.99, but you're probably going to have trouble finding one if you didn't pre-order. You can view the list of all the confirmed games for Nintendo Switch by clicking here.

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