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[Rumor] Quantic Dream working on multiple projects

More than just Detroit: Become Human

Whilst we patiently wait for Quantic Dream's upcoming Detroit: Become Human, it seems the developer isn't looking for another 4 plus year gap between its titles. Its last game Beyond Two Souls released in October of 2013 and didn't nearly capture the same critical reception of its predecessor Heavy Rain. Fortunately, it sounds like Detroit finds that magic again when hearing from those who have demoed it. 

Employee pages on LinkedIn hint that Detroit isn't the only project in the works. Both employee's state that not only did they work on the upcoming title, but also unannounced projects from the developer. This is obviously very little to go on, and it might not even mean a fully fledged game. There's a chance they could be referring to a mobile title or DLC. However, this does hint that Quantic Dream is confident enough with Detroit: Become Human to start looking to the future. Time will tell what awaits us from the developer, but it seems like they're looking to put their missteps behind them. 

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