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Rumor: PS4 will stream PS3 games using Gaikai tech


Remember when Sony acquired the cloud-based gaming platform known as Gaikai? At the time, Sony's intentions were unclear; we knew the capabilities of Gaikai, but how exactly would it be implemented with Sony's console? We now have reason to believe that the $380 million acquisition will result in the ability to stream current PlayStation 3 games on Sony's next-gen PS4. This is according to a report from the Wall Street Journal which sourced "people familiar with the company's plans."

Gaikai on the PS4 would allow users to stream full games or demos -- or in this case older PS3 games -- instantly online without first having to download the full titles to the PlayStation's harddrive. The WSJ doesn't mention if you would have to pay to stream the PS3 games, which leaves open the idea that these games could be included as part of the PlayStation Plus membership.

Rumor has it that the PS4 will be unable to play PS3 games. Considering the limited backwards-compatibility of the PS3 console, with only select models able to play PS2 games, there's a very good chance the rumors are true. Gaikai would allow a workaround solution to this issue.

Sony is expected to unveil the PlayStation 4 at an event on February 20th.

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