Rumor: Pandora's Tower available for pre-order on June 20

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Some deliciously juicy rumors have surfaced surrounding Pandora's Tower. The Wii-exclusive RPG, which launched in Japan last year to solid reviews, is supposedly landing in North America in the near future.

According to NinTemple, a GameStop employee confirmed that Pandora's Tower would be available for pre-order on June 20 when The Last Story launches over here. The website reports that it spoke to the GameStop associate, who says he got an email indicating the game's pre-order availability.

NinTemple went so far as to post an audio clip where the supposed GameStop employee talks about Pandora's Tower and the email the retailer received. Whether or not any of this is legit is up for debate, but it's certain to cause equal parts excitement and speculation among Wii owners who really want to play Pandora's Tower.

Additionally, Go Nintendo is reporting that the game will be a GameStop exclusive much like Xenoblade Chronicles. All of this is, of course, tasty gossip. Until Nintendo of America reveals anything, we can't take it to be 100 percent fact. Here's hoping the Big N does localize Pandora's Tower in North America, though.

In the meantime, I think I'll keep playing Xenoblade Chronicles.

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