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Rumor: Original Story for Batman v Superman surfaces

If true, what we got was WAY different

For many DC fans, Batman v Superman came up short. How short depends on who you ask. Even we at GameZone are torn on the issue. Some of us like it, others do not. But there might be a reason for any convolution the movie's plot. A re-write. Apparently, Batman v Superman wasn't going to be Batman v Superman at all, according to this rumor.

The original story was going to be a story called World's Finest, where a retired Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl once again to investigate the destruction of Wayne Enterprises by a group of terrorists, enlisting the help of the Man of Steel along the way.

A few details from the plot remain consistent, like Lex Luthor taking the body of General Zod for his own use. But that use ends up having a whole different context in World's Finest.

Here's an excerpt from the intro of the alleged story.

The opening scenes involve a terrorist group that has taken over an African village, and in the process mass massacres — men/women/children — were performed in the name of religious supremacy. Amidst the growing terror, news of it gets to the world, and reporters are sent to the scene to investigate. Lois Lane was given access to interview the terrorist leader, but during the interview, passions grow wild. The crew that came with Lois Lane are murdered one by one, except for her and Jimmy Olsen (photographer), due to the fact that the terrorists wanted their story told, and they want Lois and Jimmy to memorialize their conquests. Shortly after the murders, Superman arrives in the village. Superman manages to destroy enemy armory and tanks, essentially running off the terrorist army. Superman ultimately gets to the headquarters and successfully rescues Lois and Jimmy. He returns to the village to rescue innocent villagers, but while doing so the terrorist leader detonates a bomb; killing themselves and taking out hundreds of innocent people in the process.

You can read the full synopsis of World's Finest here.

Which story do you like better? Sound off in the comments below.

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