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Rumor: Nintendo to announce Animal Crossing for Switch during E3

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Animal Crossing

Rumor: Nintendo to announce Animal Crossing for Switch during E3

If Boy Scouts are getting insider E3 information, then the rest of us are definitely doing something wrong (like not subscribing to the Boy Scout code of honor, which if this rumor is real they definitely didn't). The most recent issue of the Boy Scout magazine, Boys Life, suggested that Nintendo will be unveiling a new Animal Crossing at E3.

The magazine did not mention Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle a game that we know is coming to the Switch, which throws a bunch of speculation on the validity of their statement. 


The magazine could have easily misspoken, as there is a mobile Animal Crossing on the way from Nintendo and no mention of a Switch version of the game yet. On top of that, the team working on Splatoon 2 has traditionally been the Animal Crossing team.

Now, this rumor could very well be true. Splatoon 2 is using a number of recycled assets from the original Splatoon which makes development for the game a bit less intense and a number of Animal Crossing assets can be recycled as well. 

The article mentions Pikmin 4, which is definitely a thing, but as far as we know, Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch is a dream (and if it's announced in June I will definitely be buying it).


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