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Rumor: Nintendo might be working in an achievement system for the Nintendo Switch

It would have a positive reception


Nintendo is known for following their own path and stepping aside from the console wars between Sony and Microsoft. Its products are so differentiated and unique that targets specific niches in the market and the Switch is no exception to this rule.

However, Nintendo is embracing a multiplayer aspect of gaming that they haven't considered before, which is online multiplayer. With it, people have started to demand leaderboards or some kind of ranking system to keep the online competition more vivid.

According to a developer who answered questions in a Reddit AMA, Nintendo could be working on this feature. It’s true that the trophy or achievement system doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it’s a nice plus that adds more value to the game. For instance, a player could be motivated to be the best at Splatoon in the entire world or to complete a difficult challenge in Mario Kart. A player should receive an achievement for collecting those 100 korok seeds in Breath of the Wild.

reddit ama

We’ll just have to wait until an official announcement from Nintendo. Knowing Nintendo’s policy, it would be a couple of days before this feature is launched on one of their Direct Videos. 


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