RUMOR: Multiplayer to be Introduced in Dragon Age III

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Dragon Age, known for its epic combat and storyline, may be getting a face lift for the third installment, and possibly beyond. Several publications are reporting today that multiplayer is currently in the works for Dragon Age III. 

According to Kotaku, several multiplayer modes are being worked on at BioWare (including PvP and PvE) for DAIII. BioWare has declined so far to confirm if the component will indeed be included in the final-game, or is just being tested for future Dragon Age projects/DLC. The combat, which is being revamped, will apparently be based in an arena, and players will be able to "fight against dragons as well as fight in dragon form themselves." Interestingly enough, the engine BIoWare is using for the multiplayer is none other than DICE's Frostbite engine, notoriously known in Battlefield 3. 

Does the addition of multiplayer sound interesting, or is this simply a gimmick to contend with other online-based titles? Looks like that question will be answered in the upcoming months. 

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