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Rumor: Mass Effect costume DLC coming to Final Fantasy XIII-2


The folks over at Square have been open to some "interesting" add-on ideas with the Final Fantasy series. For instance, last year a report of Assassin's Creed-themed gear coming to Final Fantasy XIII-2 surfaced, surprising many fans of the game. Apparently, the developer isn't finished with cross-franchise add-ons, as a source is confirming Mass Effect-themed gear for the recent RPG. 

SiliconEra is reporting this rumor from "a source," who says that the DLC is currently "in the works." The site provided no details on what the costumes will consist of, price, or a possible release date. If this rumor is indeed true, one can predict to see the DLC within a couple weeks, keeping in mind of Mass Effect 3's launch. 

While costume DLC is a worthwhile addition to some, we really want to see a massive expansion-type add-on. If priced reasonably, would you be willing to shell out Microsoft Points for some addition costumes? Let us know by commenting below. 

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