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Rumor: Madden NFL 13 achievements, trophies leaked


The fall sports season is inching its way over the horizon and into our living rooms, and though that brings the Fall Classic and college Saturdays, it means hard-hitting Sundays with your favorite NFL teams, along with Madden NFL 13. 

Today, a leaked document hit the Internet revealing the entire list of achievements and trophies for Madden NFL 13. Though EA has yet to confirm the listing, the 42 items stick true to EA's formula from past titles. The entire list, which can be seen here, includes a nice mix of player-focuses achievements and online time investments that'll be earned through scoring. 

It should be noted that at least one achievement must be completed using Kinect. There is no word, however, if that trophy will be available on the PS3 version, though we expect EA to clarify soon. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on any news pertaining to this link. Until then, keep polishing your cleats until Madden NFL 13 airs it out on August 28, 2012. 

Source: [IGN]

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