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[RUMOR] From Software Possibly Hiring Motion Designer For 'Dark RPG'

Another Souls-esque title in the works?

[RUMOR] From Software Possibly Hiring Motion Designer For 'Dark RPG'

Dark Souls 3 enjoyed success in its release, followed by its two DLC packs. After The Ringed City, it seems the series as a whole may be done for the time being. But From Software does one thing very well: Develope really hard Action-RPGs. It seems they may not be done doing just that.

Japanese blog Game Kana recently unearthed a job listing for a motion designer responsible for animating characters for a dark role-playing game.

The ad doesn't mention Dark Souls or From Software by name, but it does describe the company as one with abundant experience in developing high-profile video games based close to Sasazuke station in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This station happens to also be the closest station to From Software headquarters. This seems like reason enough to suspect From Software is firing up the engine yet again.

From Software President Miyazaki revealed in the past that collaboration between his studio and Kentaro Miura were in the works. Miura is best known for Berserk, which definitely fits the bill for 'Dark RPG'.

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