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Rumor: Frito Lay, Skylanders ink deal for upcoming promotion

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If a leaked Frito Lay Power Point image proves to be a real thing, then folks will begin seeing Skylanders "in" their chip bags in just a few weeks. According to the slide, the purchase of a specially marked Frito Lay 20-count chips pack will include a sidekick Skylanders figure for in-game use. 

Activision did announce several months that they were planning to produce and release these sidekick characters that more-or-less act as pets during your adventures, and though it may be an odd partnership, one should never underestimate the power of Activision's marketing. One point the image did not reveal, though, is whether or not the figures will be packaged into the 20-count packs, or if they'll be a mail-in promotion, though consumers can expect these Skylanders to be actual figured instead of downloadables, as the image reveals bases for each character. 

Frito Lays - Skylanders promo

If this promotion proves to be true, fans can begin nabbing these pets beginning July 9. The four figures will be released individually in waves through August 20 when the last pet is released to the public. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on any new tidbits pertaining to this story, but once July 9 rolls around, be sure to head out and chow down on some Frito Lay 20-count chip packs, because we all need chips and Skylanders, right? 

Source: [GameFaqs]

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