Rumor: Does Camelot want to make a Donkey Kong 64 sequel?

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Is developer Camelot hoping to make a sequel to Donkey Kong 64? It would appear that that's possibly the case as several outlets have reported on rumors that indicate so. And seriously, if this isn't all some elaborate joke, I'm totally going to be ridiculously giddy. Hell, I'm giddy now, and all of this is just water cooler buzz at the moment.

Supposedly, Camelot President Hiroyuki Takahashi told Nintendo Gamer that he "would love to make" a sequel to Donkey Kong 64. The exec made this comment after saying that he had an appreciation for the Donkey Kong series, specifically because it was "full of surprises."

A 3D Donkey Kong game would certainly be a great fit on either the Wii U or 3DS. There's definitely a lot of potential there, and we haven't really seen many 3D platformers come from Nintendo in recent memory aside from the Mario Galaxy games. Here's hoping this turns out to be more than just a rumor.

I recently discussed Donkey Kong 64 and stated that while not an epic by any means, it was still a great title that held up remarkably to this day. Camelot, give us Donkey Kong 64 2!

[Nintendo Everything]

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