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Rumor: Dishonored 2 skipping out on E3 2015

Teaser for Dishonored sequel could still be shown, though

Dishonored 2 Leak

Before last year's E3 there was a rumor that a Dishonored sequel would be revealed. There's even "leaked" images showing off the game's title screen and some (probably) photoshopped game boxart floating around the web. Dishonored 2 never made it to E3 or Gamescom in 2014.

It's a new year, and with that comes new rumors. But this one's a bit different.

An anonymous source is now saying that Dishonored 2 will not be at E3 this year. It is being said that Arkane Studios needs more time to work on the game, and they are simply not ready to show it off. However, there might still be a tease for the game shown off, so at least there's something.

If rumors prove to be true, this year's E3 will be one that will test the hearts of fans. If people don't faint from excitement over MediEvil being revealed for the PS4, then Fallout 4's reveal might get the job done. If neither of those things cause your heart to flutter, there's the new game from Rare, a PC Press Conference and game announcements from Deck 13 and Larian Studios.

Not everything at E3 will make you happy though. There's a chance you might shed a tear over what's not there (like - what if Fallout 4 isn't revealed?!).


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