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Rumor: Destiny 2 to be a proper sequel that won't include your classic Guardians

I'd be cool with that

There has been a steady flow of Destiny 2 rumors the past few days and that is not about to stop, yet another rumor about Bungie's next big game has surfaced.

The latest rumor has it that Bungie aims at making Destiny 2 feel like a proper sequel, even if that means leaving old planets, characters, activities, and everything else that gamers have come to know and love in Destiny. Sources have apparently told Kotaku that Bungie has plans on making Destiny 2 a sequel in the same style as Diablo 2 where the kept the core from the first game but characters or other content from Diablo 1 did not carry over.

According to Kotaku and their sources it looks like Destiny 2 will be a new game from scratch, one of them said "D2 is a completely different game" and another said "The Taken King was a reboot for Destiny 1 to fix small things. This is the overhaul to fix big things".

The sources also said that the term "play-in destinations" will be something that players will get familiar with in Destiny 2, something wich will revamp Destiny's current world design. The plan is apparently to make the world in Destiny feel more populated and not just like an empty ruined wasteland so towns and outposts will be added to make the game feel more alive.

From the sounds of it it seems like Bungie wants to make Destiny 2 feel more like other MMOs or open world action games, and who can fault them for that since those games are pretty popular.

Remember, everything written above are rumors and nothing has been confirmed by Bungie.

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