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Rumor: Blizzard job listing suggests unannounced Overwatch game

Is this the story driven Overwatch game we've all wanted?


Ever since Blizzard's Overwatch debuted, fans of the hero shooter have been clambering for a single-player or story-driven game. Gamers have taken to Overwatch's diverse and eclectic cast of characters, each of which has a deep backstory that interweaves with everyone else's. 

If a new Blizzard job listing is to be believed, it's possible that the team in Anaheim is working on a new, unannounced game, based on the Overwatch license. Before we go too far down this rabbit hole, we have to point out, quite a bit of this post is based on speculation and this job listing could easily be for an in-game event or mobile companion. That being said, it's also based on a legit job listing on Blizzard's website.


As you can see, in the very last line, applicants must have some knowledge and understanding of the Overwatch Universe. This listing is important because, in all of the verbiage above, there's no mention of the word mobile. Several other positions within Blizzard that are associated with a project listed as "unannounced" have very specific requests, that the applicant is familiar with mobile (ie. iPhone and Android).

The position above and the one below (Senior FX Artist ) do not mention anything about requiring mobile experience. The position below also doesn't mention the need for Overwatch knowledge, so that's peculiar. It does, however, require experience working on a first-person shooter or other action-oriented game.


So what does all this mean? It means that Blizzard is working on something for mobile devices, that's clear. However, none of the listings for a project that is labeled as "unannounced" require both mobile and Overwatch knowledge. But, there are job listings for an unannounced title that requires knowledge of FPS experience and another that requires Overwatch knowledge. At this point, it would be foolish to think that Blizzard won't cash in on the success of Overwatch. As for what that cash cow will be? That's anyone's guess. It's possible that we'll get an Overwatch based game on Mobile devices, why not a port of Heroes of the Storm? VainGlory works just fine. It's also possible that fans will get what they've been asking for, a first-person shooter (for consoles and PC), based on Overwatch but with a strong, single-player campaign. Oh, and if Blizzard is reading this, how about some co-op gameplay, jump in, jump out. I'm just sayin'.

Remember, this is all speculation, based on nothing more than a few job listings, so I wouldn't hold your breath. Blizzard has no problem terminating projects at any given time (rest in peace Project Titan, you were never seen, but are still missed). Still, in the end, it's possible Blizzard is hard at work on some new game based on the Overwatch IP, be it for mobile, consoles or PC, it doesn't matter for which, it'll still be eagerly anticipated.

The plot thickens.

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