Rumor: All PS4 games to feature Vita Remote Play

PlayStation 4 (console) Screenshot - Vita Remote Play on the PS4

A new report from Digital Foundry suggests that Sony is requiring Vita Remote Play functionality for all upcoming PS4 games, except those that require the use of the PS4 Eye. This means the PS4 could boast similar functionality to Nintendo's Wii U, essentially turning the Vita into a Wii U GamePad that offers an off-TV experience. The information comes via a "trusted PlayStation 4 developer source with a proven track record for accuracy."

If true, this could provide a much needed boost for the Vita which has yet to achieve mainstream success among the handheld market. Perhaps Sony is hoping that marketing the Vita as more of a sidekick to the PS4, it will convince more consumers to get one. Sony announced this type of functionality during the PS4 reveal event back in February, but we weren't sure as to the extent of the feature. According to the report, mandating Remote Play for all PS4 games will take "the choice away from the publishers and ensures a level of consistency."

Remote Play compresses the PS4 experience and sends it to the Vita over local WiFi; in turn, the Vita sends back controller inputs to the PlayStation 4. Essentially, the game can then be played entirely on the Vita, with the PS4 doing all of the heavy processing. The technology is similar to that used by streaming services like OnLive, except that the quality is greatly improved by functioning on a local network.

Keep in mind, while Remote Play between the Vita and PS4 has been confirmed, the notion that all PS4 games will feature this functionality is merely a rumor. Hopefully Sony further elaborates on this topic at E3 next month.

Would mandatory Remote Play on PS4 games convince you to purchase a Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

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