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Roguevania Action-Platfomer, Dead Cells releases to 'Overwhelmingly Positive' reception on Steam Early Access

After one day, Dead Cells is proving to be a hit with fans.

Dead Cells, an indie Action-Platformer from developer Motion Twin, officially released yesterday into Steam Early Access, and the feedback thus far has been nothing short of stellar. So far, the game has accrued a 97% positive Steam user rating, which comes in at the designation of "Overwhelmingly Positive."

The developers released a brief trailer coinciding with the launch called "You'll get better... Eventually." Here's the trailer:

In Dead Cells, players take on the role of a discarded corpse as they explore "a sprawling, ever-changing castle" where death can hit you at just about every turn. The game takes inspiration from the likes of Dark Souls, Rogue Legacy, and Salt and Sanctuary with some Metroidvania level design sensibilities. Dead Cells puts its own spin on Metroid by introducing what the developers are calling Roguevania.

Roguevania blends permadeath with complex and intuitive systems of progression that result in the exhilaration of discovering new and hidden areas, which is helped via unlockable abilities.

Here is a feature list that you can expect from Dead Cells at launch.

  • 11 levels – Each one with varied monsters, level designs and secrets to discover.
  • 2 bosses
  • Approximately 50 weapons and skills
  • 2 special powers, which unlock new areas (Metroidvania gear lock items)

Motion Twin plans to keep Dead Cells in Early Access between 8-12 months and aims to have roughly double the content it has right now (seen above).

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