Rogues & Marauders Pre-Event livens Puzzle & Dragons up a spell

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As if the Batman Collab wasn’t enough for you, Puzzle & Dragons has much more in store for you. For instance, take the Rogues & Marauders Pre-Event. This is going on right now during the Batman Collab. From now until 7/24 at 11:59 PDT you’ll receive 1000 Pal Points a day. Nooooooooot too shabby. Keep in mind you can only hold onto 10,000 Pal Points, so spend them as you must.

But wait, there’s more! For these four days there will be special descended dungeons each day for powerful characters. Look below for the schedule:

  • 7/21 - Beelzebub Descended!
  • 7/22 - The Thief Descended!
  • 7/23 - Satan Descended!
  • 7/24 - Sandalphon Descended!

If all of that isn’t enough, the Spirit Jewel event is still on. Remember that the Five Elemental Gods can invade during this event. Best of luck with all this madness! 

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