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Rocksteady is "hard at work" on their latest project; no plans on a PS4 Pro patch for Batman: Arkham Knight

Yes, more focus on new games rather than patching old games for these half step consoles!

The great people behind the Batman Arkham games are busy working on their latest secret project, the studio confirmed earlier today.

It was during a heavily Batman Arkham focused Reddit AMA  that creative director and co-founder of Rocksteady, Sefton Hill, confirmed this fact. When the inevitable pressure by the community about Rocksteady's next project became too much Hill said that they are "hard at work" on it, and it seems like it is important for them to have the community involved in development.

"We’re very hard at work on our next project but we won’t be releasing the details for a while. When we do you guys will be first to hear as we want to get the community involved heavily in what we do next."

Further in the AMA, Hill confirmed that Rocksteady had no plans on releasing a PlayStation 4 Pro enhancing patch for Batman Arkham Knight, the Arkham game that released last year. Hill acknowledged that some fans might be disappointed by it and it was not what they "want to hear but better to be honest".

Hill was also asked about what he thought about Arkham Knight since it got a lot of mixed reviews, especially due to issues with the PC version, but he and the studio were pleased with the outcome in general and said that staying in the comfort zone is "the death of creativity". In his opinion, it is better to do something everyone might not like than doing something mediocre.

"I was definitely satisfied. That’s not to say I think it’s perfect as obviously it’s not, but I think we achieved what we set out to do. I appreciate not everyone wanted as much Batmobile for example, but we felt it was important to keep pushing ourselves. I never want us to be in the comfort zone, as that’s the death of creativity.

"I’d much rather we went for what we believe in as I think that’s the way to make something special, that resonates with people. Occasionally you’re going to do things which not everyone loves but that’s much better than boring mediocrity"

Unfortunately, Hill didn't make any slip of the keyboard so Rocksteady's next game remains a secret. But stay tuned to GameZone for whatever comes next for Rocksteady, be it Batman or something completely different, for we will report on it.


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