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Rockstar's Take on Variable Difficulty Is a Big Old Skip Button


We've already talked at length about L.A. Noire's focus on detective work over action in a preview not too long ago, but it seems that focus is holding true as the game nears release. All the preview coverage in the world can never fully prepare you for the final product, but there's little doubt now that Noire is an adventure game at heart.

The evidence comes from Rockstar's handling of action sequences in the game. Coverage at the Tribeca Film Festival has revealed that players having trouble with the action parts will be able to skip them. The goal, they say, is to bring in a more casual audience.

Back when we first saw L.A. Noire, Rockstar representatives explained that players would have intuition points they could spend to solve cases. Those free clues would make it so they didn't have to include different difficulty levels. When we asked about the action sequences, they didn't have an answer for us yet--this seems to be it.

Letting players skip over the action just shows how small a role the shooting and chasing will play in the game. Between the focus on a methodical pace and a casual slant, L.A. Noire may be the Rockstar game to show off to your dad instead of your younger brother.

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