Rockstar Takes Aim at Griefers in Read Dead Redemption Multiplayer

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Red Dead Redemption's next update, due sometime within the next month, puts cheaters in Rockstar's cross-hairs. The developer today announced plans to fight the hacking and cheating that goes on in Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer mode. They will ban those who are "cheating beyond a shadow of doubt" for a period of their discretion.

Griefers will be punished in Free Roam. Players who are killed repeatedly will have an option to flee and will be allowed to choose an area to respawn, according to Rockstar. Players with a six kill streak will become "Most Wanted," which will give the other players a heads-up as to who the offender is while sending some NPCs to take them down.

Side note: I knew that bastard couldn't possibly be aiming and nailing me with headshots that fast while we were both on horseback.

via Rockstar

Jacob Lopez
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