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Rockstar turns to fans for help with Grand Theft Auto 5 Crews


Rockstar Games is hard at work on Grand Theft Auto. And while we already know the game will make use of Crews, we don't exactly know how it will do so. Apparently, Rockstar isn't 100% sure either as they have no opened the floor up to fans for suggestions of features we'd like to see created for Crews in GTA 5.

For those unfamiliar, crews are a groups of players that you can join up with via the Social Club - Rockstar's online service - that provide benefits both in-game and out, expanding beyond what the PS3 or Xbox 360 friends list offers. Regardless of whether your in a private crew of just you and your friends or a public crew open to everyone, performing tasks with crew members - like avenging a fallen Crew member - will earn you XP bonuses.

"Whether it's suggestions for competitive in-game Crew features in Multiplayer, new ways to manage and recruit, ideas for enhancing Social Club Crew pages and leaderboards, things you did and didn't like about Crews in Max Payne 3, or any thoughts at all related to Crews really that you'd like to share - we're all ears," Rockstar told fans.

"We'd especially love to hear from current Crew members and leaders so that we can continue making our unique approach to persistent team based Multiplayer as fun as it can be in GTA 5."

Crews were implemented in Max Payne 3, and now GTA 5, to "create more drama out of the interactions that go down in typical multiplayer matches."

So here's your chance to help Rockstar shape the Crews feature. If you'd like to offer a suggestion, you can email For those of you just looking for more information about Grand Theft Auto 5, you may want to check out the December issue of GameInformer.

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