Rockstar races to add servers for Grand Theft Auto Online

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Rockstar Games is preparing to roll out Grand Theft Auto Online on October 1. But the free multiplayer portion of Grand Theft Auto 5, in its current state, may not be large enough to accommodate the sheer number of players.

"One thing we are already aware of, and are trying to alleviate as fast as we can, is the unanticipated additional pressure on the servers due to a significantly higher number of players than we were anticipating at this point," Rockstar wrote in a blog post. "We are working around the clock to buy and add more servers, but this increased scale is only going to make the first few days even more temperamental than such things usually are.

"This is part of the problem some of you have been experiencing with the iFruit App and some Social Club services — we apologize in advance for this and thank you for your patience in this area."

Up to 16 players can explore GTA Online's persistent open world together, enjoying the single-player elements of GTA 5 and more. Rockstar expects a lot of growing pains early on, including crashes and gameplay bugs.

"This sort of thing is inevitable in a massive open-world game, and there’ll surely be lots more unexpected oddities like this in the Online world next week," the company wrote. "Rest assured we’ll be monitoring and actively doing all we can to smooth such things out as they happen, but we need your help to find them, as well as your feedback to help fine tune all of the game's systems so everything is perfectly balanced.

Players can report problems and feedback to

The developer will also introduce planned content updates for free in the weeks ahead.

Via: Eurogamer

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