Rockstar debunks Grand Theft Auto 5 delay rumors in straightforward press release

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Rockstar: one of those developers that just appears to “stick it to the man.” After announcing that their upcoming blockbuster, and arguably most anticipated game of 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5, was being delayed to Setember, “sources” went to the Internet to begin buzzing rumors that the delay was due to next-generation consoles or that the game was in dire straights. Well, in a simple statement, Rockstar explained boldly that their reasoning for the delay was simply simple, and yes, you heard right.

"To those of you saying or seeing various conspiracy theories about there being some other ulterior motive for this delay, rest assured that they're all nonsense – literally the only reason we've delayed the release is because we want the game to be as good as it needs to be," the company said in a post on the official Rockstar Newswire.

Rockstar also confirmed that they’ll be pushing back the unveil of the game’s official box art, as they polish what is shaping up to be a truly exceptional experience. However, the delay does have us wondering whether it’ll be eventually available on next-generation consoles, whether that’s a month or two after the game’s initial release date.

What are your thoughts on Rockstar’s press statements? Buying what they’re explaining, or do you still believe that there’s some sort of a conspiracy? Let us know by commenting below.

Source: [Rockstar]

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