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Robotopia's Robots Get Upgrades

January 8, 2008

Robotopia's Robots Get Upgrades

Robotopia gets an Upgrade, as your Robo's level grows you will be able to select from five new classes. The "Tank" class provides the ability to reflect a high percentage of enemy bullets off your robot, the "Ninja" class is capable of leaping into shadows and appearing out of nowhere, the "Bomber" class drops three vertical bombs whilst somersaulting and the "Knight" class will give you the cutting edge when it comes to dealing out saber damage! These Robo upgrades can be purchased once your robot reaches the appropriate level. Can you reach the ultimate level 200 "Guardian" class robot!? The New Classes can be used in both the one player Campaigns as well as in Online Fragfest play!

Robotopia is an all action, fast paced shooter that takes you online to stage epic battles that span across a beautiful multi-scrolling world. Here you can play flag games where players battle to hold points across the landscape. Or play as bounty hunter where allegiances can be made as players fight for robo currency. Either way you are going to be caught up in some intense action making strong allies and fierce enemies.

If going online immediately seems a bit daunting, get stuck into the one player game that is designed to train you in the art or robo destruction. Here you will meet a variety of drones and soldiers who will test your skills and increase your robot's performance through an RPG style experience system. Download today to enjoy free online play, Register the game to upgrade your Robo past level 10 and enjoy all the features!

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