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RoboCop viral video showcases Omnicorp tech

I grew up with the RoboCop movies. I had the action figures and would run around yelling, "My friends call me Murphy, you call me RoboCop." So it's perfectly normal for me to be a little wary of a RoboCop reboot. Today, we got an Omnicorp Product Line viral video, months before the films starts shooting this fall. Omnicorp is OCP from the original RoboCop. You'll see a familiar machine of destruction, the ED-209. It blows up a tank. We also see a glimpse of the RoboCop project, called the RC 2000.

RoboCop has a really impressive cast. Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish and Hugh Laurie are all in the film. The main character of Alex Murphy / RoboCop is played by Joel Kinnaman. Alex Murphy is a police officer in a crime-filled city. After being fatally wounded, he gets revived as a powerful cyborg.

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