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Robin Williams Is in Another Zelda Ad


Robin and Zelda Williams make a great duo for Nintendo's ads. We all know the man who starred in Mrs. Doubtfire loves the Big N's storied franchise so much that he named his daughter after the titular princess. And Zelda, well, she's a very cute dame. Growl!

Mr. Williams recently popped up in another ad for the upcoming Skyward Sword (it's out this Sunday!). While that's cool and all, it doesn't make as much sense because, well, Zelda is nowhere to be seen.

I'm not even talking about Zelda from the game. No, she's in the ad and in full force, too. But Williams' lovely daughter is missing. Not cool, Nintendo.

In any case, if you'd like to see Williams promoting the heck out of Skyward Sword once more, be sure to check out the trailer. Just don't expect any delicious eye candy. Unless you have a thing for Zelda Williams' pops. But that's kind of weird to be honest.

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