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Robin and Zelda Williams Play Skyward Sword in a New Ad


Nintendo likes to play around with the whole Robin and Zelda Williams thing. After all, the actor did name his daughter after the famed video game franchise of the same name, so I guess it kind of makes sense. Now, the Big N is at it again with a brand new ad for the Greek market.

This time, we see Zelda playing some Skyward Sword and faring quite well. Of course, "faring quite well" is unacceptable to a Zelda veteran like her father, so he quickly takes the Wii Remote and Nunchuk and shows her how it's done. Yeah, he pretty much schools her in the art of Zelda-ing.

The whole ad is pretty comical, and there's a delightful charm in this father/daughter duo. Had this been countless years ago, I would have probably said something like, "Why does Greece get all the cool commercials?" But because the internet lets you watching anything you want no matter how international it is, I'll simply tell you to check out this ad on YouTube.

On a side note, Zelda Williams is pretty darn cute. Also, I just checked Wikipedia, and it says she's 22, so I'm not being a nasty perv. Oh, and I'm only 24, so it's not like there's this huge age gap that creates a "she's legal but it's still creepy to think she's attractive" scenario. So there!

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