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Robert Bowling resigns from Activision


In a tweet by Robert Bowling himself, he has just announced that he is no longer the lead of Infinity Ward, or an employee of Activision.

 Today, I resign from my position as Creative Strategist of Call of Duty, as a lead of Infinity Ward, and as an employee of Activision.

If you've been keeping up with any of the content updates and patches for Modern Warfare games, the source is none other than Robert Bowling.

Activision's official statement on the matter was:

"We sincerely thank Robert for his many years of service. He's been a trusted and valued member of the Infinity Ward team. We wish him all the best on his decision to pursue future opportunities."

Once considered the face of Infinity Ward's modern shooter, Bowling was the one who was most in touch with the fanbase. This also however made him somewhat infamous for being the scapegoat in many fans eyes.

A lot of the times, upset fans from the Modern Warfare franchise would blame Bowling if some of the features went overlooked for their specific platform.

Either way you spin it, the man has officially resigned from his post, but you can still follow his daily activities, if that's your thing, on either his twitter @fourzerotwo or on his blog

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