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Risk Factions now on Facebook


If you'd told me a year ago that I'd devote more hours to online Risk than any other multiplayer game, I'd of asked you to use your future vision to warn me of the date when my skull would be caved in my an assailant with a claw hammer. Risk? Really?

Thing is, Risk Factions has managed to turn the lengthy boardgame ordeal into a thrilling bout of dice combat, players rampaging across the map stealing up territories and trying to defend their positions. Hell, me and my buddies played so much Risk this year we have our own terms for various strategies. Let's just say we spend each nervously eyeing each other, waiting to see who will break rank and launch the first "cripple canyon."

The fact that Risk: Factions is now free to play on Facebook makes me wonder if I'll ever get any work done again. The game has definitely been retuned for the Facebook crowd, notably having replacing the robot and yeti races with two new female races. Even girls can make war it seems. Anyhow definitely check it out and challenge your friends! And if somebody starts pushing north from Australia, I recommend running the classic "Alabama Bear Trap" defense. Works every time.

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