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Risen 2: Dark Waters launch trailer encourages piracy

We're definitely a big fan of innovation in the game industry, a strange thing to say when talking about a pirate video game. Unfortunately, the industry has been so caught up in the worlds of gritty high fantasy, gritty modern war and gritty science fiction, that a simple setting change is certainly appreciated, especially since few RPGs ever aspire towards more than ripping off Lord of the Rings.

Taking a look at the trailer, there's plenty to get excited about. Giant kraken, swordfighting, monkey, treasure maps, uh... monkey! We just like monkeys. Seriously though, check out the trailer, this game looks like a blast! 

Game info: Risen 2: Dark Waters is a third-person role playing game that thrusts players into the role of the nameless hero as he infiltrates the world of Pirates in hopes of discovering the key to vanquishing the Titan scourge threating the civilized world. The Special Edition is exclusively for pre-ordered copies of Risen 2 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC. It includes alternate box art, the Treasure Isle DLC mission pack and a double-sided poster.

  • A Unique Pirate Fantasy Setting — Risen 2 features an open world complete with copious amounts of rum, firearms, dirty tricks and a brand new voodoo magic style
  • One of the Most Intense, Immersive Game Worlds Ever Created — Risen 2 will fully envelop its players in its world with a full day/night cycle, dynamic weather patterns, NPCs with daily routines who react based on your behavior, and even creature AI with routine behaviors such as scavenging and sleeping that are impacted by the time of day
  • Every Gameplay Decision Made Has a Consequence — Risen 2 allows players to shape their game experience and even the game world itself depending on their actions and choices. Your choices may change the character's skill set, NPC relationships, or even potential quest lines
  • A True Role-Playing-Oriented Experience — A perfect blend of classical RPG gameplay and a fresh, unique underlying game world
  • Several Unique Islands — All lovingly designed by hand with no copy and paste set pieces, encourage exploration and adventure while the player hunts for secret treasures and hidden areas
  • New Visual Technology — High-res texturing, gorgeous weather, water and light/shadow effects, a fully revamped character animation system and an exhaustive NPC character model design which greatly reduces the chance of "clone" NPCs
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