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Riot Games Announces Changes in Upcoming League of Legends Patch, No Dominion Yet?


Riot Games has just released the patch preview for the newest patch,, to hit League of Legends.

My main man, Mordekaiser, is getting a small change to his shield. Riot is halving the amount of shield he gains from damaging minions, but increasing his early game shield generation from 25% to 30% making him more "durable" when fighting champion, but weaker against minions. When explaining the reasoning behind the changes, Riot explained:

"He gets into an immovable object status in lane. That's mostly due to the rate of his shield generation when he has piles of minions around."

Riot hopes these changes will have two effects: make it so you can actually harass Mordekaiser effectively, and it's also going to make it so he has incentive to use his spells on champions.

Shen is also getting a buff. Listening to fans begging to get his power back, Riot is increasing some of his level one damage which will help him jungle and help him very early in lane. Riot hopes his ability to jungle will give him a new place on a team. Introducing a new choice of play, Riot also increased his AP ratio allowing players to build a more hybrid Shen allowing for more damage.

Watch the new patch preview below for more changes coming to League of Legends:

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