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Riot Games: There will never be a League of Legends sequel


League of Legends is turning five years old this October. For many video game companies, you'd probably have a sequel or two by now. But Riot Games isn't like most game companies. They play by their own set of rules. When you have the largest game in the world, you can do that sort of thing.

And one thing they won't be doing is creating a sequel to League of Legends. At least that's according to Polygon who spoke with a company representative during E3 (though Riot Games was not in attendance for the show). Simply put, a sequel just wouldn't make sense with the digital-only business philosophy that Riot Games has established with League of Legends. 

It makes sense too. Since League of Legends is available for download online for free there really isn't any need to release a full-blown sequel. Instead, Riot will continue to provide patches and updates to grow and improve upon the game. In fact, a future visual update to the game will completely overhaul the game's environment. I'm personally not a fan of the new look, but this is the sort of improvement fans can look forward to.

So while we shouldn't expect a League of Legends 2 in the future, the representative reportedly said that Riot will eventually introduce a new IP. I'm hoping for some sort of League of Legends-themed fighter.

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