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Rift joins Origin today


As of today you may now download, Trion’s game of the year, Rift from Origin.  EA’s direct-to-consumer gaming platform and website allows users to download PC games though the magic of the internets.  Rift is Trion’s MMO which came out March of 2011 which deals with both faction and elemental planer invasions.

Trough Origin, not only can you pick the game up easily from the comfort of your own home, you can get limited edition items and vanity pets.  Use these items to help combat vs. the Blood Storm!  Straight from the press release, these items include:

  • Spirit Woven Backpack – 10 slot bag
  • Essence of Magic (10) – Restores a small amount of mana
  • Essence of Health (10) – Restores a small amount of health
  • Soul Nectar (20) – Restores a moderate amount of health and mana over 10 seconds
  • Words of Might (5) – Temporarily increases Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence, and Wisdom

On top of that there are two versions which can be purchased.  The Standard copy sells for $19.99 and the Ashes of History edition sells for $29.99.  While both copies come with a month subscription, the Ashes of History comes with:

  • Spindrel Mount – a smooth spider looking ride
  • Personal Banker – a bogling to carry your extra goods anywhere
  • Faction Tabard – show off your faction to the world

For those taking on this Origin deal, the developers are currently working on their seventh major content patch to come out soon.  What better time to join?  While Rift is nearing its one year anniversary, it is definitely not too late to join this MMO.

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