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RIFT celebrates first anniversary with extravagant World Events


It's hard to believe with all of the content updates RIFT has seen since launch, that the game has only been out for only a year.  While we celebrate RIFT's one year anniversary since its North American debut, the game and its developers continue to look forward.

With MMOs, it's always about expanding and moving forward.  And Trion is doing just that with RIFT is doing just that.

Celebrating the game's first anniversary, Trion is throwing the most extravangant World Event yet, with hours of new solo, group, raid PvP, and crafting gameplay, and more event quests than ever before.

The people of Telara have arranged for a festival to honor their immortal protectors.  Giant floats mock the dragons as parades prepare to set forth across the great roads. Carnival boats sail for Fortune’s Shore to host and oversee the games and booths going up around the bay, promising a joyful riot of laughter and light.

The Carnival of Ascended will soon come to town, bringing all sorts of goodies including carnival games, an anniversary tabard, and my personal party favorite, piñatas!

You will be able to test yourself in many exciting games of skill and chance tow in tickets to spend on carnival prizes.  In addition, festive piñatas will be scattered across Telara to collect rare awards.

The Herald of Heroes hosts an arena in Shimmersand where the Ascended gather in raid-sized groups to thrill audiences by recreating epic battles from Telara’s past.

Also, be sure to stop by the carnival vendor in your capital for a free anniversary tabard, only available during the World Event.

In short, Carnival of the Ascended is the most rewarded World Event RIFT has seen.

Best of all, Trion is inviting old and new players alike to come celebrate the game's anniversary.  Between March 8 and March 14, veteran Ascended players can return to their high-level characters and try out all of the changes in RIFT 1.7.

New players are invited as well.  Thanks to RIFT Lite, new players can create a free account and level their characters all the way to level 20, with no charge or time limit!  Embrace immorality as you fight for Telara.

Back in February, Trion CCO and RIFT executive producter Scotts Hartsman commented on the game's new Lite version, saying, "In the past ten months, RIFT has evolved at a breakneck pace, through seven massive updates that set new expectations for live MMOs, in features, in content, and in service. We think a Lite edition with no time limit is the best way for players to see what an amazing experience RIFT continues to be."

Download the RIFT Lite client here.

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