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Riddler's got you down in Arkham City? Get some help


We all know the Riddler can be a pain in the a**. We also know his riddles can sometimes be not only extremely hard to find, but difficult to solve. Just in case your detective skills weren't up to par, and you feel like you needed some guidance, a nifty app for iOS devices, Batman: Arkham City Map App, dropped on the iTunes store yesterday, which details the entire map of Arkham City, as well as the many Riddler trophy locations, as well as answers to Riddler challenges.

Developed in conjunction with Rocksteady games and published by Warner Bros. this handy app allows you to zoom into any part of the map, and point out locations of Riddler Trophies, Catwoman Trophies, as well as riddle answers to Riddler Challenges, which conveniently also shows the item that needs to be scanned. A handy feature is that you're able to also track which trophies you collected, and which riddles have already been solved.

You might call it cheating, but sometimes we need a little extra help when it comes to solving those crazy riddles.

• Explorable maps of all eight major areas in the game

• Locations of all collectibles including:
o Riddler Trophies for Batman
o Riddler Solutions

• Collectible tracking

You can snag the map app right now on the App Store for 2.99

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