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Richard Garriott Talk, AIAS Awards, and More on Xbox Live


The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences is giving Xbox 360 gamers a pretty cool bit of behind-the-scenes access today, offering up highlights from this year's Interactive Achievement Awards and select talks from the DICE Summit. For those who are fans of the industry developments as much as the games, this is a pretty cool and convenient way to watch some of the classier events going on in the games business. The videos should be online soon, if not by the time you read this, and they'll be completely free.

The Interactive Achievement Awards highlights include Game of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction and more. The video also includes the IAA Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech, which was awarded to Bing Gordon. Gordon spent 10 years at EA as the company's Chief Creative Officer and is currently a board member of Amazon, Ngmoco, and Zynga.

Perhaps even more exciting, the AIAS selected a handful of sessions from the DICE summit, providing a rare look at the talks that go on at these events for those who miss out. Richard Garriott's session, entitled "Achieving the Impossible--Creating Games and Gateways to Space!" is likely to be the most interesting for gamers. You'll also have access to two other talks: Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson's "Monsters, Muppets and Movies" and oceanographer Dr. Dave Gallo's "Exploring the Ocean Deep in 3D: To the Titanic and Beyond."

As great as it is to have access to movie rentals, Netflix, and ESPN on the 360, I have to say it's pretty damn cool to see more genuine game-related videos on Xbox Live. Hopefully we'll see more footage like this pop up in the future. It's not for everyone, but hearing the thoughts of the people who make your games can change the way you think about them altogether.

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