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Review Roundup: Unravel's scores are all over the place

I'm going to take a guess and say lower scores are from people that are bad at puzzles.

With Unravel releasing tomorrow the curtain has been lifted on the game, revealing a surprising variety in review scores. Coldwood Interactive has certainly made a divisive game with scores ranging anywhere from 5/10 to 10/10.

The lower scores appear to be founded on overly frustrating puzzles (with the rage spilling over into criticizing the gameplay) and the higher scores comment on the puzzles suffering from a lack of diversity, but find the story of Unravel does more than make up for it.

We are taking our time with Unravel, so expect our review to be released later this week. In the meanwhile, you'll find reviews for the game below - starting with the lowest score Unravel has received.

Unravel is set to release February 9th, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

God is Geek

"Delve past the picturesque views and thoughtful soundtrack and you’ll find a puzzle game that doesn’t explain itself enough and is plagued by inconsistencies. There are brief moments where things start to come together, and there are some superb moments that are drowned out by frustration. I could fawn over the characterization of a ball of wool all day long, but I probably wouldn’t have time because I’d be too busy trying to figure out one of the many rage-inducing conundrums."



"Unravel cherishes the best moments in life while recognizing the hard battles we sometimes face as families, all wrapped up within delightful gameplay and stunning scenery. The atmosphere is so compelling that I couldn't help but feel like a piece of my own story was wrapped up in the game with the rest of the photo album. It's rare but a special thing when a game manages to impart a story that touches strings deep in the heart, and Unravel manages to meet and exceed this feat. Get ready to have all the feels."


Game Informer

"With just a dozen levels, Unravel's brief six-hour runtime still proves too long for the basic puzzle mechanics. However, the satisfying platforming, thoughtful story, and adorable protagonist make it a worthwhile journey. I grew tired of repeating the same puzzle solutions, but seeing Unravel through to the end was still a treat."


PlayStation Universe

"I thought I’d find it hard to convey my feelings on Unravel during its earlier moments. I’ve been absolutely sure I at least liked it from the start, but did I think it was anything more than a simply good game? That doubt melted away soon after, and Unravel became a thing I cherished. Coldwood have created a game that speaks from the heart and is wholly invested in its key themes of loss, longing and renewing bonds. No, it isn’t the most original puzzle platformer ever made, but it innovates where it matters, and captivates beyond that to help Unravel blossom into this special, warm and inviting game that needs to be played to be fully appreciated."



"Unravel's wonderful sights and sounds won't escape your own memory so soon. But assessed purely on gameplay, it's everything I tend to fear about indie projects; Beautiful, heartfelt, but like Yarny himself, not robust enough." 



"Unravel took me on a surprisingly thoughtful and reflective journey, which encouraged me to appreciate the small and the insignificant with every step. As a puzzler it has charm due to Yarny's engaging skills, but as a platforming experience it’s less remarkable. But to judge it solely on these mechanical aspects would be to overlook its greater achievement: the way it provokes subtle and complex emotions through the use of nature and nostalgia. It all makes for a sincere, warm-hearted, and extremely likeable adventure."


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