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Return to politics, TERA: Rising is now free to play


As of today, February 5th 2013, TERA has gone free to play. This means it’s time to brush the dust off your little fire fox and get back into battle. If for some reason you never played TERA and were curious about it, there really isn’t an excuse any more. Dat political system. It needs you and your input. Sure there are ways you can still pay for certain privileges but that’s expected with a free to play MMORPG. These boons are listed below:

  • Standard - Standard players have full access to all in-game content, without restrictions, for up to two free characters per server. They can purchase consumable, cosmetic, and convenience items from the in-game store on an a la carte basis.
  • Founder - Founder status is granted to all current subscribers as of February 5, and provides additional character slots, bank tabs, a special mount, and other benefits. Founders retain these benefits regardless of whether they choose Standard or Elite status. Found status can also be obtained after launch through physical retail packages while supplies last.
  • Elite - Elite status can be purchased in 30-day increments that confer numerous benefits including dungeon bonuses and rewards, additional daily quests, daily delivery of items, special mounts, and store discounts. Power players will find the fee more than pays for itself through the free items and discounts granted while they enjoy exclusive in-game perks.

If none of that sold you, how about to screenshots? Personally, I’m a visual learner. Enjoy.






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