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Retrode is the ultimate 16-bit emulation accessory


If you're like me, you've got a big cardboard box full of classic video games you haven't played in years. Messing around with those annoying RF cords and giant power adapters. Thankfully, leading German scientists have just unveiled what looks to be the coolest emulation solution in years.

The Retrode connects to your computer via a standard USB connection, allowing retro gamers to not only use their classic controllers on the PC, but actually access the ROM and save data from their old cartridges, for use with your favorite emulation software. Sure, you've likely already got a folder jam-packed with ROMs, but there's definitely something satisfying about pushing in a cartridge like in the old days, and being able to play with an SNES or Genesis pad is icing on the cake. Not to mention that this is the perfect solution for storing your old game saves, as well as backing up that rare Bubsy prototype cartidge you found at the flea market.

At $84.99, it's not the cheapest emulation option, but definitely one of the coolest. Maybe we can arrange for a demo unit...

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