Retro City Rampage Will Be the Longest 8-Bit-Styled Game Created

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Retro City Rampage will be a long 8-bit-style game, says Brian Provinciano, who is developing the title.

In a recent interview with Leakybattery, he was asked about the length of the game and whether it will be comparable to a typical NES game.

It turns out the game will be a good deal longer. "It’s far longer. Surely the longest 8-bit style game ever made. It’ll have around 40 story missions, 30 spree missions and all of the exploration and interactions around the town on top of that," he says.

It seems that the game may release on other consoles as well. WiiWare is the only one that has been announced at this time but, according to Provinciano, it's already running on two of the three. He adds that the game will surely be available on those two, if not all three, machines.

Jacob Lopez
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