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Retro City Rampage headed to PS3, Vita, and Steam


Some major news was announced today, and if you're a fan of indie games, then you're probably going to be stoked about this. Developer Vblank Entertainment announced that its highly anticipated old school-inspired downloadable title Retro City Rampage would launch this May. No specific date was revealed, but it looks like we'll definitely be getting this potentially awesome title in a couple of months.

Creator Brian Provinciano took to the PlayStation Blog and made another major announcement: Retro City Rampage will launch on the PlayStation 3 and Vita. This is great news for gamers who were bummed out about the lack of a PlayStation 3 version. As for the Vita, well, adopters of Sony's new portable already have some cool games to choose from, but this just adds another title to the list of games to watch out for.

Also worth noting is that Retro City Rampage will be arriving on Steam, and gamers who pre-order the game there will score some sweet extras. In addition to the game itself, you'll also get a mini-soundtrack with 10 tracks, print ready box art and cartridge label, digital game manuals in a bunch of different languages, and a 20 percent off coupon for Retro City Rampage merch. That's a lot of cool stuff!

I personally can't wait to play Retro City Rampage. May couldn't come soon enough. Check out the game's latest trailer and get even more stoked about this old school-flavored downloadable title. Retro City Rampage will land on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Vita, Wii, and PC. Definitely watch out for it.

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