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Resolution achieved ... well, a bit of it anyway

February 27, 2010

Resolution achieved ... well, a bit of it anyway
By Mike David

No. 1 of 12 games for 2010 completed, but the battle is only beginning

Well, it took a little more time then I thought, but I have beaten my first game of the year, Serious Sam the First Encounter HD for the 360 is now in the books. 

S.S. took me about six hours to beat. I killed well over 3,000 aliens during my mission (some many times over) and had to start over numerous times. S.S. is a game that was perfect for me. Since I have children, another job, and the responsibilities that most working adults have, I was happy with my choice to play this one first. Mostly because I would go several days in a row where I would not have time to play and picking the game up where I left off was a no-brainer.

I said it took me about six hours to beat the game, but I spent probably closer to nine hours actually playing it. This is because, quite frankly, there is a ton of things to find and discover in this game and, oftentimes, secret areas were also one-way death traps that were not meant to be survived. Of course, to me this means a challenge that clearly can be beaten. It was this line of thinking that caused me to waste much time, only to admit that I was an idiot for having tried to beat a secret area where the only answer is death.

Now the game did have me truly stumped a couple of times; there is one scenario in this title where you are running down the wide alley in an Egyptian city (I think it was Memphis) and an absolute tidal wave of Kleer Skeletons comes after you. For those of you who have not played the game, those Kleer Skeletons are - in my opinion - the biggest pain in the butt the game has to offer. By themselves, or even a couple, they are manageable, but when 20 or 30 of them start bearing down on you then you can be in a world of hurt. Large quantities like this do attack you several times throughout the game but this Memphis alley shootout was practically impossible. In fact, I think I only passed it by rocket jumping over a chasm and then unloading literally every bit of ammo out of every gun I had as they piled up in the pit below me.

Add some prescription glasses and make him six inches shorter
and 60 pounds lighter and this would a be a self portrait.

The end of the game was clearly monumental as you do battle against a 120-foot bohemoth while all sorts of regular bad guys are also trying to turn your head into an ashtray. I probably died 130 times while trying to to defeat this large end scenario. And, in fact, once you think you have beaten the main bad guy, you end up facing off against him again in a spaceship. The good people at Croteam really make you work for the end and it pays to be fleet of foot and true with your aim. Luck doesn't hurt either.

Do I recommend this title to be played? Not only yes, but hell yeah! I had a good time playing this pretty-much mindless action shooter. Exactly what one needs to help unwind and relax when some fun is needed. Plus, this title is only 1200 MS points! Go get it!

Strangely I only got two achievements while playing the game. I have never been an achievement junkie, but even playing through other games I have stumbled through and gotten more achievements without even trying. Now I looked at them in the dashboard and saw that I probably should have had a few more, but some of them require beating the game on a harder setting or playing through without shooting a gun (or some such nonsense). Either way, there is a potential to get 200 more achievement points in this title and I only got 20. Whatever! I still call this game complete and No. 1 is now in the record books.

On to No. 2!


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