Resogun update adds ship editor, local co-op and more trophies

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Yesterday, Resogun received a free update on the PlayStation 4 that, while laying the ground work for the upcoming Heroes expansion, also adds a number of user-requested features including ship editor and local co-op.

You may now design your own ship from the ground up using a detailed voxel editor. Additionally, the editor is connected online, meaning you can share and download ships from your friends and other members of the Resogun community.

Other new features include local co-op and more Trophies. Even though the Heroes expansion will include its own set of Trophies, yesterday's free update added some as well. And most of them have been designed to make you play with the new additions to the game.

Lastly, the update adds a Hall of Fame. As a result of fixing some of the main game's exploits thought it best to clear the game's leaderboards. Rather than completely erasing past efforts, Housemarque and XDEC Studio Europe have created a Hall of Fame Leaderboard "to immortalize the original Resogun Heroes." All scores in the Main Hero difficulty will be forever displayed here.

As for the Resogun: Heroes expansion, it is expected to release this week, and will add two new game modes.

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