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Resogun developer's puzzle game Furmins comes to Vita next week


Today Housemarque, the makers of recent PlayStation 4 shoot-em-up Resogun, and Ukranian developer/publisher Beatshapers announced that Furmins is coming to PlayStation Vita in North America on Dec. 17.

Furmins is a physics-based action-puzzle game where players guide adorable creatures across dangerous levels by strategically placing objects such as conveyer belts and bumpers in their path. Players can then interact with them in real time and set off chain reactions that lead the critters safely into the basket at the end of the level.

The Furmins seek to wake their king, who has fallen asleep and tumbled into river, creating a dam that's blocked their water supply.

The title features 108 levels across nine worlds, leaderboards, touch-pad controls, and a new scoring system that's an improvement on the previous iOS version.

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