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Resistance: Burning Skies 'Survival Mode' detailed


Earlier this month, Resistance: Burning Skies developer Nihilistic Software shared some details about the PlayStation Vita game's multiplayer gameplay.  In the overview, designer Reed Monroe named two of the three game modes (Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch) and mentioned a "very unique" third mode will be revealed this week.

Today is the day, as SCEA senior producer Frank Simon announced Survival Mode, a gameplay mode that "pits the players against each other in a race to finish where only the strong survive."  Here's are the details of how it works:

In a battle of humans vs. Chimera, six players start as humans and two as Chimera. As the Chimera players make a kils, their human victims are resurrected as Chimera so the balance slowly shifts. As the battle continues, the winner is the human player who lasts the longest in a match. We keep a timer running as you play so you can track your progress.

"We really wanted to offer something that was unique to Resistance, keeping with the franchise’s theme around humanity’s struggle to survive against overwhelming odds," explained Simon. "We wanted the game to start relatively simple for the humans and then become increasingly harder over time, much like the way the Chimera invaded Asia, then Europe and then America in a flood."

Sony doesn't just plan on throwing you into the fray.  Simon actually took the time to write up some tips and tricks that might help you survive a little longer.

  • Staying still works to your advantage. Try and get behind players so as they start searching an area, you can actually hop back against their search pattern.
  • Dark areas are your friend.
  • Don't hide next to areas like steam vents because the motion tends to attract attention
  • ALWAYS go for the head. 
  • Don't hang around after you've killed someone, bodies are pretty obvious signs that someone is nearby

Simon also mentioned that they will be doing a pre-order bonus for Resistance: Burning Skies.  When you pre-order at participating retailers, you'll receive a special bonus that gives you a jump start straight to level five in multiplayer.  It's enough experience for you to unlock your first grenade upgrade as well as your first weapon.  In addition to the level boost, Sony will also be giving those who pre-order three character avatars based on Burning Skies' lead characters Riley, Ellie, and a Chimera, along with a custom PS Vita lock screen theme.

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