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Resident Evil: Revelations Will Use the *Gasp* 3DS Slide Pad!


Are you excited about playing Resident Evil: Revelations? If you own a 3DS, this is definitely one of the titles that should be on your radar, because it looks to provide some enjoyable freak gunning action. If you plan on purchasing the game when it lands on Nintendo's portable console, be sure to take a few extra bucks with you to the store, because Revelations is going to support the 3DS Slide Pad.

According to Andriasang, the left analog pad will control your character's movement while the add-on pad will be used for aiming. There are said to be multiple control schemes, so you don't necessarily need the analog nub peripheral. That said, aiming is so much easier with some sort of analog control, so if you want better results, you may want to shell out the cash for the peripheral.

First Monster Hunter, now Resident Evil. Why do I get the feeling that Capcom is going to be the company that supports the Slide Pad the most? Hey, as long as we get some quality titles that justify purchasing the darn accessory, I'm all for it.

Resident Evil: Revelations launches for the 3DS on February 7. It should be a potentially awesome game, so definitely watch out for it. We should be getting more info on the Slide Pad in the coming months, so stay tuned for that, as well.

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